Different Breed

by Twigga

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Giving the love story a break....... Here is Different Breed!


released April 4, 2015

Producers: @KillingSpree
@ WonyeLove

Engineered and mixed by: Young Pro



all rights reserved


G.R.O.U.P. Nation Jackson, Mississippi

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Track Name: Twigga's P.S.A. (Remake by @BeatGates)
My name is Twigga better yet call me that nigga severin up platters to all these wack wrapping niggas go figure I trynna which chick on my resume cookin in my kitchen serving breakfast giving head to day
I thought I told y'all I'm ahead of my time and I'm not going back bruh cause clocks don't rewind
Unless we saving time but i don't have no time to save them no capes, no makes, no trynna be hoes savor
Man that's classic y'all wanna know what come next ask it
To you niggas I'm blade and I'm puttin you hoes in caskets tragic all up in my pickinic basket sorry yogi bears but you boo boos can't have it
This is my style and I rep the team throwing up signs but y'all don't know what they mean
Eyes closed but that 3rd eye open Illuminating minds trynna keep your mind focused
Stroking dickin down your thoughts all night they said I need to change then I told them get a life
Find you a wife in a mist of hood rats so when they get pregnant you get caught in a hood trap
This not hood rap but understood that with time change
And pocket is full of that
And I'm full of that check my momentum
still going hard on jay Z's instrumentals
25 bars knocked down so what up hoe
I still got time on this track if you didn't know
And imma keep flowing till my last fuckin breath doe
Picture perfect sound 20/20
Timberlake flow
No Timberlake doe cause i cant sing i see it in your eyes that you're envious green
know what you mean i know you envy my team cause we talented bastards always making scenes
cause the ladies they love us from the bleachers they screaming and the ballers be bouncin' they like the way i be leaning didn't come with a manual so i know they cant read me better get a book for dummies if you try to deceive me
im to fresh to fall up in the trends
im nonchalant so you'll never see me grin
my eyes are blocked by the shades that im in put two and two together and we'll never be friends
i don't want your handouts nigga you can have that I'm tired of coming second to this fuckin' trash man
I'm my own style y'all don't understand that, beatin up verses they callin' me a bandit
I'm not the one that's on the bandwagon tell me where were you when you're favorites didn't have that
shine and sparkle diamond in the rough well me I'm that diamond that you niggas ain't found yet
better remember that figure they call me Twigga this my public service announcement for you niggas and my niggas who is trynna get their weight up better work on your lyrics nigga get your weight up
Track Name: S.A.T.S. (Prod. by @WonyeLove)
Itty bitty skinny nigga that's raised in the summer no girls in my car no big Hummer
Stunning with my niggas yeah group on come up
Got Cee by my side Kincaid finna run up
Tim run the city yeah my homie be the Kryptonite beats coming soon look for them on the show tonight
Show you right
oh that's right
oh we run the show tonight
I'm the nigga Twigga diving deep in some mo tonight

When the sun gone come up
Know G.R.O.U.P. run the summer
Taking on the challenge it's as

Simple as the summer x2
Oh oww yea ee ohh

[Verse 1]
T double v I double g a
On a billboard that what's it it's gone say
All the lil stripper girls want this cake
Fucking with a nigga cause he walk this way

I paved the way and stepped on it
Talking real reckless till I check on'em
On love man they should've put a bet on it
The we'd be the next blackstreet homie
No Keith sweat no LSG no Gerald Lavert cause I don't sing
I keep it simple straight harmony
Like summer time on that summer breeze
Woooh Ronald Isley
This a classic hit like kellez wrote it
My team behind me they co signed it
Like a deal homie
So tell me what's the deal homie
Can you keep it real homie
Talkin bout you whipping this and spending that it ain't real homie
And I'm rolling on straight going on
See me I'm taking flight
And blowing strong and sippin
Summer mid nights

When I'm drunk as hell I fight
When I blow I feel aright
Rather I'm in the city or out of town chicks dig me yeah alright
And my swagger fitted right
those cameras flicking flashing lights
And if they hate then lettem hate make sure they say your name is right


[Verse 2]
As we cool down ah nigga got your head bobbin
Sorry batman but I'm to grown to be robin
See it With my crew like lil Wayne say we steady mobbin
So who are you can't face us cause we ain't stopping

Now let me check my watch your moment up it's time to stop
My shine is coming hard and I'm going hard yeah it's my time to flock
And when I launch I'll hit the top
Like when I strokin that G spot
My wrist not shinning dog with no diamonds on but I'll tie you all like a knot


I've faced defeat so this is a treat
I know what the bottom feel like
See When you sleep I'm up unique
at night when I vibe it feels right
My art critiqued don't worry bout me
When my thoughts flow all I do is write
That's stress released this style chic
When I blow I'll rise up with the hype

Nigga lying the Pipe
Tony said I eared my Strip
If it's not your Type
Then my nigga Imma drop the Mic
Track Name: Winner (Prod. by @KillingSpree)
Said I'm tired of these overrated domesticated them garbage ass none rappin ass
claiming that they trappin stackin paper man they trashy ass
no who the fuck is this nigga with them Bans up on his face
nappy headed ass none dreaded ass
nigga lookin like he out of place

Imma bout to go to war ain't bout to say this shit again
so when i lock and load I'm bout to put this an end
ain't got no time to make no friends fuck you hoes with extenz
my dividends be my friends I'll cut you off like some loose ends I...

Tied of you niggas and all you fake frinds
say you fuckin with me but you don't know who I am
I can cut you off and I can start over again
I promise if I make it you'll never see me again Imma

Winner know that I'm a winna
(all you fake rappers is about to be my dinner Imma)
Winner know that I'm a winna
(Lookin at you rapper man y'all lookin like beginners)

[Verse 1]
See all you niggas common man y'all don't have no vocabulary
i keep my shit to real so you can say it's hereditary
leaving niggas froze like it was the month of February
would invite you in but that would be way to "satutary"
oops I mean "statutory" but that is another story
creepin on the track like I'm Night Crawler but with way more glory
"S" up on my chest I'm Superman cause all you niggas bore me
only Kriptonite seems to be failure but I'm still recording
and I'm still holding on even when I'm singing songs
even though I can't man I still try to rap and sing along
even if I don't belong does that make a nigga wrong
does that hold me back or is it embedded to make me strong


[Beat Break]

[Verse 2]
Winners are made and losers and choosers
and everybody else they learning to do us
you can stick with the trend
Imma go make some new ones
you can follow the wagon
me Imma go and pull one

losers live in the past
winners learn from that shit
while looking to the future
winners running this shit

I can't deal with the pack
cause all of them copy that
you see i kill the track make the deadline fall flat
and if you want some then come and get it
I'm choppin niggas cuttin legs ain't falling to no victim
I'm harder than a porn star on an erection
highly explosive you can fell this flow up in your rectum

[Hook] x2
Track Name: Demos (Prod. by @WonyLove)
[Verse 1]
Up set emotional wreck she say it is my time I said it's not my time yet not until I drop another mixtape or till I come to make some shit shake they stay asking when I'm gonna step up um when you listen see I'm sick and tired of waiting my patience is all gone they sleeping on me watch in time I make the kingdom come I'm beating like a drum I'm moving to the beat I'm looking for my ring like I went to join the heat

(Now every time I come around they check my)
(now every time I make a sound they check my)

[Verse 2]
They say Twigga ain't this
they say Twigga don't do that
they say Twigga why fuck you even on this cold ass track
He don't hold his own weight
it's like he don't know what to say why his word play so weak but this all I'm gonna say

If you sleeping on me now just rest up while I'm going in and when you wake up I bet you asking where the fuck you been
Growing as the time go by
on auto pilot when I fly you looking for a diamond with a telescope in the sky and I know you wonder why you the hell you didn't see me I've been grounded in the dirt underneath your noise
in disguise
A diamond in the rough trynna make it driving trucks just to get a little paper in this brown gitty up
and when I get this paper and when I speak my mind it's gone be underrated if you tell me not shine take this shakes off my hand let them know I am the man tell them that I'm King Kendrick in that green minivan
Then call up Uncle Sam to tell I'm skippin taxes I've owed for two years
For this fucking back taxes
And for everybody else that said I wasn't gone be shit
take you opinion and flush it where I fucking take a piss


[Beat Break]

Yeah it's going down yeah it's going down yeah it's going down everytime I come around x4

They check my....

Track Name: Wine & Good Time (Prod. by @KillingSpree)
Set it off to the left
Set it off to the right
Wine and good time we gone party all night
Liquor all on my breath
Bitches all in my sight
Tonight baby I'm single let's get this started right
Got an old lady at home she trippin so I'm gone
This vodka hit my system make me forget about home
Tonight I'm in my zone
I'm trickin on my own
And if I drive I swear I'm gonna make my car my home

You know that tomorrow be Sunday
I'll be good but back sinning on Monday
And the bad bitch from the club I heard she drive a hundi
She made it to 304 you know I shut the door
Kick back relax my after party ends at about four uh

[Hook 1]
My kickbacks be the shit know that we have a good time
We got some bad bitches drink on liquor and some wine
And If we throw a party it would of a kind
See All the hoes invited but that only if they fine

[Hook 2]
Wine and good times all these hoes fine x4

[Beat Break]

[Verse 2]
Welcome to my motherfucking jam my after party
Red cups red bottoms red Shotties
They drunk off their Bacardi
Wine glass and ass it's naughty
I'm fresh Lottie Dottie
Next drink you know is on me
I Rule I found Ashanti
Too cool Ray Bans that all me

In all black no suit no tie
At my own party I'm so fly
Them nigga hating don't know why
I know I am a standup guy
My kickbacks high they run the sky
My partner blown he's on the cloud nine
This girl so fine her hips so right
If she stay we'll cut all night

Yeah that's right I'm on another level
Started at the based now we moving to the trouble
Got that yellow tail with a girl that's yellow
Pasted out in my closet what a night for a fellow
base line beating like mighty joe young
that cesor shit like king kong
can't feel my face that bit feel numb
Now what the fuck was i drankin on

Ciroc straight out the bottle
These girls all look like models
And 9 times out of ten I'm smashing more than one tomorrow
Bring her to the party man you know I heard she swallow
As for all my niggas I'm the one that they choosing to follow

You know that tomorrow be Sunday
I'll be good but back sinning on Monday
And the bad bitch from the club I heard she drive a hundi
She made it to 304 you know I shut the door
Kick back relax my after party ends at about four uh

[Hook 2]

My kick backs be the shit know that we have a good time x4
Track Name: Conceited (Prod. By @KillingSpree)

I'm conceited
Cause I I have my reason x2

Nigga Chillin like a villain in the shade man
Sitting back in the cut in Ray Bans
And a nigga swagger dumber than a cave man
And I got the church hollin out Amen
Where all my hater tell me what they gotta say man
I'm Iller nigga triller UGK fan
Mental baller alcoholic with a great plan
I'm Finna be the next big thang man

Eddie Kane man 5 hearts take a picture perfect smile nigga breaking all the hearts
And I'm breaking all the rules have your face looking tart
You could paint a vivid picture of me call it high art
Nigga way to fresh like I'm from the fruit mart
If you put me in the game then a nigga'll play his part
I'm taking all the change nigga Mario cart
Already at the finish while y'all niggas stuck at start
I'm on my jack town flow
West side ju city dirty south hoe
Where bitches come and go
If you fuck them then kick them out to the curve
Snoop said don't love these hoe
But a woman what a real nigga lookin for
Still looking doe matching my tags
I need a bad girl that'll compliment my swag

Let the beat breath

I'm conceited
(My talents are for beyond excreted)
Cause I I have my reason
(I'm fly, I'm soaring like Siegel's)

[Verse 2]
Been rejected by the baddest of the bitches then a nigga realize he was fucking with some bitches
Something fishy little issue did I mention that the very hoes I had had some mileage on em vicious
And the niggas from the school I attended more transparent than a box of wrap just listen
Wasn't on it stepped back and got the picture now all that I can see an limitless Twigga
If you forgot my homie I'm that nigga with a whole lotta swag mind frame is a killa
So conceited now more than is needed if you put me on the track with ya homie I'll Rip ya
Tear you to screed chew you up and then spit you out
Reconsider all the shit you rapped without a Doubt
Listen all the shit I said got you thinking now
Got damn Twigga this what the fuck you talking about?


I got apples at my party
Hoes up in my lobby
They are all bad shawtys
That came from Nobu Dubai
Track Name: Psychopathic Lyricist
[Verse 1]
Rappers for my dinner
Hoes for my entree
Driving real smooth
Feeling like Hondai, elontre
What's Next? Is what they gonna say
While Im sippin on that rosé
Got me feeling like Hov,
JayZ no Beyonce
Twigga betta calm down
Cause everytime he come round
Step into the spot
And nobody makes no sound
Yes it's bout to go down
Mentally he profound
Spitting words like a choppa bullet
Bitch bow down
Feeling really silly
Poppin wheelies cause I'm illy yo
The city on my back but they despise me cause I'm killin hoes
Might be crazy baby pay me
I'm fiendin for a meal you know
Where my straight jacket where the fuck my white coat?
I think I need a doctor
Phantom of the opera hoe
Gonna need a muzzle to shut me up if you didn't know
Psychopathic killer on these beat
Craving for some mo'
Your slow minds can't comprehend my massive flow

Voices in my head they telling me I'm crazy

[Verse 2]
They say Twigga you crazy,
unorthodox antidote
What you gonna need
Like salt on a cantaloupe
They say I need a chain then I told em don't drop the soap
Y'all behind bars while I'm killin features doin shows

When I say behind bars I mean mentally trapped
While I'm wide awake
Y'all sleepin takin naps
And givin daps to all the wrong niggas
Fake friend and enemies are all silent killers

Sitcso mind frame gone I think it's sick so I got medicaid just to calm down my sick flow
That's right it yo butterfly kick flow
Creeping down the streets and I'm coming through the back door

They say they want more I told them They can't have it
Unless they unrestrained me from the straight coat jacket
And remove the muzzle off while taking these cuff links off
I swear to god y'all ain't ready for this troubled y'all
Track Name: R.E.A.L. Feat. Jasmine Dukes. Young Drizzy, & Prince Keem (Prod. by @WonyeLove)
Feels like I'm the one that's gonna make it
Feels like I'm the one who's gonna take it

(Y. Drizzy)
I made it here on my own
Sitting tall on my thrown
Ridin round in mine
Shine down on my
Subject like King Kong
I'm Cesar with like Rome
Just touched down in my home
I'm fly oh my levels to the sky on sight now be gone

[Verse 1] (Twigga)
Ppl now don't get it
When I'm beasting on the track I hit it
When I'm grinding on the low a nigga working on his flow trynna hang in with the giants like Krizzle
Trynna get a little ice on my Bezel
Who wouldn't wanna shine like the fellows
Who got the diamonds in their rings little gold plated chains Jesus piece on the thang like halo
Insurance really needed like geico
Trynna lose the weight of my trouble like lypo
So I tuned in to my niggas at Guy code
Rid my mistakes I erase'em like typos
Round we in this circle like Cycle
Little toy truck tonka made by tyco
Getting fun back to my system Recycle
Trynna be bigger than life like Michael my idol

Said it feels like I made it (Jasmine)
So real when I sing this

Said it feels like I made it (Jasmine &
So real when I sing this Y. Drizzy)

Bright like flashing lights (Y. Drizzy)
No wrong it feels so right (Jasmine)
Colder than the winter (Y. Drizzy)
when I make it hold me tight (Y. Drizzy)
So real so real so real (Jasmine, Y. Drizzy, P. Keem)

[Verse 2] (Twigga)
Reality ain't always true rhymes equals actual life in this booth
Mine gone be life felt what about you
Will you take short route or grow it from the root
At the time I couldn't spare change didn't even have a single dime to my name
But I kept writing perfecting my game
Even when nobody ever mentioned my name
Stayed dedicated motivated on empty
Life elevated stimulated do you feel me
Right now I'm jaded little faded yeah I'm guilty
On top I'm hated haven't make it
little risky
Little frisky feisty on the move
Right now I'm living life like I'm on the groove
See I'm on the move not turning back
Cause the guy I was then now that nigga wack

Stating facts I'm not who I was
the guy I started out as drowned in my blood
Skattered in the mud from the muddy banks of that dirty water that run in the sink
Life like hell but I make it
Dreams so big bound to sink ships
Live that life like I made it
All it's worth nobody take it

That's motivation
Stay stimulated
How high I'm aiming
Red tails can't shake this
They gonna hate this I'm killing their buzz
Next time you say my name
Best remember me cuz


(P. Keem)
Sleep on me all you want
I'm gone take my time sing along
But if I fail before I sing I'm gonna make it up to you I think
And then I'll drown you in my sorrow
Then live life like no tomorrow
Take me as I am or be
I just hope that you'll accept me