Conceited (Prod. By @KillingSpree)

from by Twigga

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Now this song was influenced from "My Ego" by my nigga Cee (long live my homie) and i wrote this actually before he passed but sadly he never got to hear what he influenced. I know he probably in heaven now proud of who I've become lyrically.



I'm conceited
Cause I I have my reason x2

Nigga Chillin like a villain in the shade man
Sitting back in the cut in Ray Bans
And a nigga swagger dumber than a cave man
And I got the church hollin out Amen
Where all my hater tell me what they gotta say man
I'm Iller nigga triller UGK fan
Mental baller alcoholic with a great plan
I'm Finna be the next big thang man

Eddie Kane man 5 hearts take a picture perfect smile nigga breaking all the hearts
And I'm breaking all the rules have your face looking tart
You could paint a vivid picture of me call it high art
Nigga way to fresh like I'm from the fruit mart
If you put me in the game then a nigga'll play his part
I'm taking all the change nigga Mario cart
Already at the finish while y'all niggas stuck at start
I'm on my jack town flow
West side ju city dirty south hoe
Where bitches come and go
If you fuck them then kick them out to the curve
Snoop said don't love these hoe
But a woman what a real nigga lookin for
Still looking doe matching my tags
I need a bad girl that'll compliment my swag

Let the beat breath

I'm conceited
(My talents are for beyond excreted)
Cause I I have my reason
(I'm fly, I'm soaring like Siegel's)

[Verse 2]
Been rejected by the baddest of the bitches then a nigga realize he was fucking with some bitches
Something fishy little issue did I mention that the very hoes I had had some mileage on em vicious
And the niggas from the school I attended more transparent than a box of wrap just listen
Wasn't on it stepped back and got the picture now all that I can see an limitless Twigga
If you forgot my homie I'm that nigga with a whole lotta swag mind frame is a killa
So conceited now more than is needed if you put me on the track with ya homie I'll Rip ya
Tear you to screed chew you up and then spit you out
Reconsider all the shit you rapped without a Doubt
Listen all the shit I said got you thinking now
Got damn Twigga this what the fuck you talking about?


I got apples at my party
Hoes up in my lobby
They are all bad shawtys
That came from Nobu Dubai


from Different Breed, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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