Psychopathic Lyricist

from by Twigga

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I just wanted to show off a little word play with this one just because i can.


[Verse 1]
Rappers for my dinner
Hoes for my entree
Driving real smooth
Feeling like Hondai, elontre
What's Next? Is what they gonna say
While Im sippin on that rosé
Got me feeling like Hov,
JayZ no Beyonce
Twigga betta calm down
Cause everytime he come round
Step into the spot
And nobody makes no sound
Yes it's bout to go down
Mentally he profound
Spitting words like a choppa bullet
Bitch bow down
Feeling really silly
Poppin wheelies cause I'm illy yo
The city on my back but they despise me cause I'm killin hoes
Might be crazy baby pay me
I'm fiendin for a meal you know
Where my straight jacket where the fuck my white coat?
I think I need a doctor
Phantom of the opera hoe
Gonna need a muzzle to shut me up if you didn't know
Psychopathic killer on these beat
Craving for some mo'
Your slow minds can't comprehend my massive flow

Voices in my head they telling me I'm crazy

[Verse 2]
They say Twigga you crazy,
unorthodox antidote
What you gonna need
Like salt on a cantaloupe
They say I need a chain then I told em don't drop the soap
Y'all behind bars while I'm killin features doin shows

When I say behind bars I mean mentally trapped
While I'm wide awake
Y'all sleepin takin naps
And givin daps to all the wrong niggas
Fake friend and enemies are all silent killers

Sitcso mind frame gone I think it's sick so I got medicaid just to calm down my sick flow
That's right it yo butterfly kick flow
Creeping down the streets and I'm coming through the back door

They say they want more I told them They can't have it
Unless they unrestrained me from the straight coat jacket
And remove the muzzle off while taking these cuff links off
I swear to god y'all ain't ready for this troubled y'all


from Different Breed, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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