R​.​E​.​A​.​L. Feat. Jasmine Dukes. Young Drizzy, & Prince Keem (Prod. by @WonyeLove)

from by Twigga

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(Reality) = Actual+Life


Feels like I'm the one that's gonna make it
Feels like I'm the one who's gonna take it

(Y. Drizzy)
I made it here on my own
Sitting tall on my thrown
Ridin round in mine
Shine down on my
Subject like King Kong
I'm Cesar with like Rome
Just touched down in my home
I'm fly oh my levels to the sky on sight now be gone

[Verse 1] (Twigga)
Ppl now don't get it
When I'm beasting on the track I hit it
When I'm grinding on the low a nigga working on his flow trynna hang in with the giants like Krizzle
Trynna get a little ice on my Bezel
Who wouldn't wanna shine like the fellows
Who got the diamonds in their rings little gold plated chains Jesus piece on the thang like halo
Insurance really needed like geico
Trynna lose the weight of my trouble like lypo
So I tuned in to my niggas at Guy code
Rid my mistakes I erase'em like typos
Round we in this circle like Cycle
Little toy truck tonka made by tyco
Getting fun back to my system Recycle
Trynna be bigger than life like Michael my idol

Said it feels like I made it (Jasmine)
So real when I sing this

Said it feels like I made it (Jasmine &
So real when I sing this Y. Drizzy)

Bright like flashing lights (Y. Drizzy)
No wrong it feels so right (Jasmine)
Colder than the winter (Y. Drizzy)
when I make it hold me tight (Y. Drizzy)
So real so real so real (Jasmine, Y. Drizzy, P. Keem)

[Verse 2] (Twigga)
Reality ain't always true rhymes equals actual life in this booth
Mine gone be life felt what about you
Will you take short route or grow it from the root
At the time I couldn't spare change didn't even have a single dime to my name
But I kept writing perfecting my game
Even when nobody ever mentioned my name
Stayed dedicated motivated on empty
Life elevated stimulated do you feel me
Right now I'm jaded little faded yeah I'm guilty
On top I'm hated haven't make it
little risky
Little frisky feisty on the move
Right now I'm living life like I'm on the groove
See I'm on the move not turning back
Cause the guy I was then now that nigga wack

Stating facts I'm not who I was
the guy I started out as drowned in my blood
Skattered in the mud from the muddy banks of that dirty water that run in the sink
Life like hell but I make it
Dreams so big bound to sink ships
Live that life like I made it
All it's worth nobody take it

That's motivation
Stay stimulated
How high I'm aiming
Red tails can't shake this
They gonna hate this I'm killing their buzz
Next time you say my name
Best remember me cuz


(P. Keem)
Sleep on me all you want
I'm gone take my time sing along
But if I fail before I sing I'm gonna make it up to you I think
And then I'll drown you in my sorrow
Then live life like no tomorrow
Take me as I am or be
I just hope that you'll accept me


from Different Breed, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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