S​.​A​.​T​.​S. (Prod. by @WonyeLove)

from by Twigga

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Originally I was going to end my project with this track to lead into my next project "SMNIII: Stories of an Unorthodox Lover", but with further reconsideration I moved it up in this project for more excitement.


Itty bitty skinny nigga that's raised in the summer no girls in my car no big Hummer
Stunning with my niggas yeah group on come up
Got Cee by my side Kincaid finna run up
Tim run the city yeah my homie be the Kryptonite beats coming soon look for them on the show tonight
Show you right
oh that's right
oh we run the show tonight
I'm the nigga Twigga diving deep in some mo tonight

When the sun gone come up
Know G.R.O.U.P. run the summer
Taking on the challenge it's as

Simple as the summer x2
Oh oww yea ee ohh

[Verse 1]
T double v I double g a
On a billboard that what's it it's gone say
All the lil stripper girls want this cake
Fucking with a nigga cause he walk this way

I paved the way and stepped on it
Talking real reckless till I check on'em
On love man they should've put a bet on it
The we'd be the next blackstreet homie
No Keith sweat no LSG no Gerald Lavert cause I don't sing
I keep it simple straight harmony
Like summer time on that summer breeze
Woooh Ronald Isley
This a classic hit like kellez wrote it
My team behind me they co signed it
Like a deal homie
So tell me what's the deal homie
Can you keep it real homie
Talkin bout you whipping this and spending that it ain't real homie
And I'm rolling on straight going on
See me I'm taking flight
And blowing strong and sippin
Summer mid nights

When I'm drunk as hell I fight
When I blow I feel aright
Rather I'm in the city or out of town chicks dig me yeah alright
And my swagger fitted right
those cameras flicking flashing lights
And if they hate then lettem hate make sure they say your name is right


[Verse 2]
As we cool down ah nigga got your head bobbin
Sorry batman but I'm to grown to be robin
See it With my crew like lil Wayne say we steady mobbin
So who are you can't face us cause we ain't stopping

Now let me check my watch your moment up it's time to stop
My shine is coming hard and I'm going hard yeah it's my time to flock
And when I launch I'll hit the top
Like when I strokin that G spot
My wrist not shinning dog with no diamonds on but I'll tie you all like a knot


I've faced defeat so this is a treat
I know what the bottom feel like
See When you sleep I'm up unique
at night when I vibe it feels right
My art critiqued don't worry bout me
When my thoughts flow all I do is write
That's stress released this style chic
When I blow I'll rise up with the hype

Nigga lying the Pipe
Tony said I eared my Strip
If it's not your Type
Then my nigga Imma drop the Mic


from Different Breed, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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