Twigga's P​.​S​.​A. (Remake by @BeatGates)

from by Twigga

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This is a freestyle that I wrote to prove to my fellow team mates that "Hey I have lyrical content too". Thus the ending results is this track.


My name is Twigga better yet call me that nigga severin up platters to all these wack wrapping niggas go figure I trynna which chick on my resume cookin in my kitchen serving breakfast giving head to day
I thought I told y'all I'm ahead of my time and I'm not going back bruh cause clocks don't rewind
Unless we saving time but i don't have no time to save them no capes, no makes, no trynna be hoes savor
Man that's classic y'all wanna know what come next ask it
To you niggas I'm blade and I'm puttin you hoes in caskets tragic all up in my pickinic basket sorry yogi bears but you boo boos can't have it
This is my style and I rep the team throwing up signs but y'all don't know what they mean
Eyes closed but that 3rd eye open Illuminating minds trynna keep your mind focused
Stroking dickin down your thoughts all night they said I need to change then I told them get a life
Find you a wife in a mist of hood rats so when they get pregnant you get caught in a hood trap
This not hood rap but understood that with time change
And pocket is full of that
And I'm full of that check my momentum
still going hard on jay Z's instrumentals
25 bars knocked down so what up hoe
I still got time on this track if you didn't know
And imma keep flowing till my last fuckin breath doe
Picture perfect sound 20/20
Timberlake flow
No Timberlake doe cause i cant sing i see it in your eyes that you're envious green
know what you mean i know you envy my team cause we talented bastards always making scenes
cause the ladies they love us from the bleachers they screaming and the ballers be bouncin' they like the way i be leaning didn't come with a manual so i know they cant read me better get a book for dummies if you try to deceive me
im to fresh to fall up in the trends
im nonchalant so you'll never see me grin
my eyes are blocked by the shades that im in put two and two together and we'll never be friends
i don't want your handouts nigga you can have that I'm tired of coming second to this fuckin' trash man
I'm my own style y'all don't understand that, beatin up verses they callin' me a bandit
I'm not the one that's on the bandwagon tell me where were you when you're favorites didn't have that
shine and sparkle diamond in the rough well me I'm that diamond that you niggas ain't found yet
better remember that figure they call me Twigga this my public service announcement for you niggas and my niggas who is trynna get their weight up better work on your lyrics nigga get your weight up


from Different Breed, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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