Winner (Prod. by @KillingSpree)

from by Twigga

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This track came to me one day while i was riding in my car listening to the radio. I was thinking to myself as I listen to radio "why does all of this sound the same??". I felt like my ears where being polluted by a common sound that everybody follows after. The first thing that ca,e to my mind was "I'm tired of these overrated domesticated them garbage ass none rappin ass niggas" on the radio.


Said I'm tired of these overrated domesticated them garbage ass none rappin ass
claiming that they trappin stackin paper man they trashy ass
no who the fuck is this nigga with them Bans up on his face
nappy headed ass none dreaded ass
nigga lookin like he out of place

Imma bout to go to war ain't bout to say this shit again
so when i lock and load I'm bout to put this an end
ain't got no time to make no friends fuck you hoes with extenz
my dividends be my friends I'll cut you off like some loose ends I...

Tied of you niggas and all you fake frinds
say you fuckin with me but you don't know who I am
I can cut you off and I can start over again
I promise if I make it you'll never see me again Imma

Winner know that I'm a winna
(all you fake rappers is about to be my dinner Imma)
Winner know that I'm a winna
(Lookin at you rapper man y'all lookin like beginners)

[Verse 1]
See all you niggas common man y'all don't have no vocabulary
i keep my shit to real so you can say it's hereditary
leaving niggas froze like it was the month of February
would invite you in but that would be way to "satutary"
oops I mean "statutory" but that is another story
creepin on the track like I'm Night Crawler but with way more glory
"S" up on my chest I'm Superman cause all you niggas bore me
only Kriptonite seems to be failure but I'm still recording
and I'm still holding on even when I'm singing songs
even though I can't man I still try to rap and sing along
even if I don't belong does that make a nigga wrong
does that hold me back or is it embedded to make me strong


[Beat Break]

[Verse 2]
Winners are made and losers and choosers
and everybody else they learning to do us
you can stick with the trend
Imma go make some new ones
you can follow the wagon
me Imma go and pull one

losers live in the past
winners learn from that shit
while looking to the future
winners running this shit

I can't deal with the pack
cause all of them copy that
you see i kill the track make the deadline fall flat
and if you want some then come and get it
I'm choppin niggas cuttin legs ain't falling to no victim
I'm harder than a porn star on an erection
highly explosive you can fell this flow up in your rectum

[Hook] x2


from Different Breed, released April 4, 2015



all rights reserved


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